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Reconditioned Golf Carts

Reconditioned carts are off lease carts WE recondition by building them into like new carts. These carts are for Subdivision use, Apartment complex leasing/maintenance use, car dealerships use and Etc. (This is our fully reconditioned golf cart)

All used carts are Fully Recondition by Davis Golf Cart Sales in house.

Each cart is road tested before becoming a Davis Subdivision Cart.

Each Cart carries a 6 month warranty, Free Delivery, Free Pick Up while Under Warranty.

(We do Not use the cheaper weak slow model carts like other dealers)

Each cart is striped down to the bare chassis, then pressure wash and painted,all fluids are change,brakes are inspected and serviced,front wheel bearings are repack with new grease and new seals,suspension is greased,front end is aligned.

All wiring is inspected and serviced.

Each cart has New Batteries & Cables, a Fully Automatic Battery Charger,New Body, New Head & Tail lights, New Tinted Flip down Windshield, New Flip Down Rear Seat and State of Charge Meter.

Cost start at $4,500 ..

Subdivision Carts 

Lifted Carts

6 Passenger Carts

2009 6 Passenger Cart
48V. new batteries and more

Call or E-mail for Price

2007 6 Passenger Cart
48V, new batteries and more

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Utility Carts

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